Dog Walking

As responsible pet owners, we all want whatís best for our pets. A busy schedule can sometimes deter this from happening. Thatís where My Kritter Sitters steps in. We develop a personal relationship with your pets, giving them lots of love and reassurance during our visits.

We donít do group walks, so your dog will get our undivided attention during his walk. Weíre happy to adhere to your petís normal routine and reinforce basic commands such as 'sit', 'stay' and 'come'. We also practise street safety skills at all times.

A daily dog walk includes a 45 minute walk around the neighbourhood or to the nearest park, lots of exercise and playtime, fresh water, treats and, of course, hugs and kisses. Cost is just $10 for a 45 minute walk for up to 2 dogs.

You can book a once-a-week walk, or spoil them with more. We offer a discount when dog walking and pet sitting is combined when you are away.